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  • * Partner Program players: If you met up to hit around you can submit a 1st set 1-1 tie.
  • * If match is tied at 1 set a piece, players can play a 10-pt. tie-breaker to determine the winner.
  • * If a tie-breaker is played, a 7-6 score should be entered for the winner of the set.
  • * If players are limited on court time, it's best to play the 10-game pro set.
  • * Matches ending in a tie should still be reported even though W/L records don't get updated. The league can update the result when the
  • * Retired Flag: A retired player starts the match, but can't finish due to various reasons. A Win and a Loss is given in this situation.
  • * If a player doesn't show up, please report it here. We have a 3-strike policy for constant offenders.
  • * If a player cancels a match within 4 hrs of the match, please report it here.
  • * Players can play and report 1 rematch against a player still in their skill level.
  • * Matches with a score of 6-1, 6-2 or less will be flagged by the administrator. If you get 3 flags in a season, you are probably in the wrong
  • division and most likely will be moved to a different level during the season. Ultimate goal is to have fun close matches.

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